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Construction Barricades

Barricades are an easy way to keep your workers and the public safe while you complete your work. Our durable steel barricades create a safety zone around your project, protecting your personnel and directing outside foot traffic away from trouble.

Barricades give you the flexibility to make emergency repairs and get everything back to normal in a short period of time. No tools are required, so you can set up your Barricades, complete your work, unhook your barricades and your gone! If you need to leave them up overnight, Barricades lock together so the area is blocked off and secured while you’re not there.

Barricades perform the best in congested parts of town. Barricades are great for sidewalk and pavement repairs, water main and sewer repairs or any other jobs where you need to redirect foot traffic around your work.

Use Barricades to block off demolition sites. Barricades also work as a temporary railing along retaining walls or elevated decks while you wait for the permanent railings to be installed. In any situation, Barricades allow you to complete you work safely and without interruption.

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